Sagittarius: The Idealistic Cheater

This post was originally written with Venus in Sagittarius combo in mind, but I am finding it is applicable to Sagittarians across the board, whether it’s your Sun, or heavily indicated elsewhere in your natal chart! Enjoy!



I know, I know…it sounds just awful. However these Sagittarian lovers truly do have only the best intentions at heart.

Galloping on their Centaurian hooves perpetually towards the sunrise, Sag’s are always on the lookout for something new; A new adventure, a conquest to claim, a damsel in distress, a soul mate with whom to merge. Initially, these characters go full throttle – jubilantly diving into a relationship expecting the universe to open up. Promising the moon and the stars, they paint a perfect picture of young love and fiery lust smoldering together in a divine heated passion.

Sagittarians make honest faithful promises of everlasting love in the beginning stages of their relationships, but eventually this passion runs out. If what they were after was a mind-altering quest for true love, usually once they’ve got it, they’re already on to the next sunrise.

While their relationships may not last forever, they are very exciting, enthusiastic, and caring partners.  Their goal is to not be the same person after the relationship as they were before. This learning and growing streak is also extended to their partners, coaxing lovers to new heights of personal growth. And it’s not hard to want to join them in the adventure, these travellers boast a convincing nature and youthful passion not found in many.

Sexually, these people tend to be athletic to the point of being somewhat of a jock in the bedroom. If not physically fit or energetic, their minds at least are oriented towards a masculine sexuality. They enjoy emotional and mental power exchange, such as dominating or being dominated. They also like competition of any kind, and enjoy a partner who challenges them to be their best.

When they are single, the Centaur enjoys the sport of hunting. Because of his or her penchant for the bow and arrow, the Archer sets his eyes on a new love interest like a wolf singling out a deer. Once marked, the object of their affections won’t be far from their thoughts; They are always trying to devise a stealthy plan of attack. On the outside, however, they act gregarious, easy-going, and good-humoured, never letting on that they have an intense smoldering bullseye on you. Underneath their flesh is a tightly wound spring, just waiting to release and pounce in one thrusting motion of capture and ravishment.

The only draw back (or however you might look at it) to this Sign is their wandering eye. Because the sign of Sagittarius is always looking for the next big adventure, they get caught up in the moment with whomever they are around. Add to this an impulsive fiery nature, and you get a beautiful, albeit wild creature, with the capacity for cheating. Rationalizing their carousing by saying to themselves, “You only live once”, “My freedom is my own”, or “I cannot cage my heart”, they feel less responsible for their own actions. The most important thing to them is the moment. Every action is leading up to some idealistic, intense, passionate culmination, whether it be right or wrong. All morals are cast aside as their very souls seem to propel them into that blissful condemning moment of lust and emotion.

After the affair, their high ideals come back to bite them in the ass.

Filled with the growing feeling that they cannot live up to their own high morals and ideals, they often sever the existing relationship to avoid lengthy ethical torment. In this way they are actually rather selfish; Whether they acknowledge it or not, they are willingly putting themselves into situations of heightened emotion and intensity, and sacrificing pre-existing relationships to fulfill their unyielding desires. Rarely do they try the honesty-route in order to patch up their mistakes. But it works just as well for them anyway– they would rather move on and start anew, whether with their new infatuation, or alone on their own adventure.


The thing that will keep a Sagittarius faithful is a strong, spontaneous, challenging partner who can keep their attention. Sag’s need their minds and emotions constantly stimulated – which is why they always seek drama and tumult in their love lives. Thusly, their partners need to be sufficiently complex and challenging. The tough part is giving them enough freedom to let them experience their extracurricular emotions so that they do not have to repress and later, enact them. Freedom & adventure is their sport, and the game is always on.

…And nothing is more exhilarating than climbing on the back of a man-horse and riding off into the proverbial sunrise…. you’ll never see the sun set with this jaunty beast.

Xoxox….  Wolf