Epic Astrology Article: Gemini

Get ready. This is a doozy.

"Some people think Geminis are egotistical, but it's a myth." -a Gemini (of course...)

“Some people think Geminis are egotistical, but it’s a myth.” -a Gemini (of course…)

Alright, here it is: The very sign of Gemini, is a myth.

Typical Gemini characteristics: chatty, social butterfly, divided attentions, flirtatious, outgoing, extrovert.

Throw away everything you’ve ever known about Geminis. This. Will. Blow. Your. Mind.

Gemini’s are intrinsically introverted, preferring to chat with themselves and their multiple personalities than with other people. However, the difference is they feel pressure to be outgoing and social. There is a lot of emphasis on extraversion in our society, and Geminis are masters of deception and imagination. Having an inner self-confidence in their abilities to trick and please others, the Gemini flutters into the limelight of social situations. He pushes himself to be who everyone likes. The one place where Geminis lacks self-confidence, ironically, is in his ability to connect with and have validation from other people. Trickery of the mind comes naturally to the mercurial sign, but when it comes to the soul they are on unfamiliar ground. This propels them into all kinds of confusing situations where they are following their minds rather than their hearts or souls. They trick others into thinking they are the life of the party, the loyal confidante, or the hub of gossip – but in reality they are doing all of the things they think will make them irreplaceable in a social group. They often trick themselves into believing their own pitch, which is perhaps the most dangerous territory of all. In being disconnected from themselves at a deep level, Geminis can fall prey to intense confusion and deep inner tension which is a result of constantly going against their true nature and desires to get attention, praise, and social gratification from others. They can also become masters at manipulation, but this can only last for as long as their souls can maintain being caged and ignored inside. Eventually the walls start to crumble when they can no longer keep up a facade. Then the Gemini will need a solid amount of alone time to re coop and soul-search.

Naturally, Geminis are more inclined to introversion. As I said before, their minds are always going on 10 different things in 20 different personalities at any given moment. That is plenty of social time for them, and if they were hermits, they would be well entertained by their own inner monologues. In our society, Geminis flourish by being very adaptive, but internally they are under stress. They are energetic loners deep down, and love anything self-directed where they can be in control of many different aspects of their activity at once.
The Ego:
They say the ego is the strongest when the soul is the weakest. And vice versa. It’s a perfectly reasonable coping mechanism when one is vulnerable deep down inside. The ego comes in to serve and protect the sensitive soul, but this brings with it a problem: This inflated ego exhausts its usefulness when it turns into arrogance, narcissism, stubbornness, elitism, shallowness, and selfishness. These are the Gemini’s dark aspects.

“Don’t compliment me anymore… I might start thinking I can do better than you.”

An example of the Gemini tug-of-war between her ego and her soul.
Geminis are a lot more sensitive than we give them credit for. As an air sign, their energy is very cerebral, ungrounded, and flighty. However deep inside hides a tiny but hyper-concentrated nugget of all of their emotions that they’ve ever had or will have. They rarely access this part of themselves, but it is here that Geminis hold their emotions. They have concentrated it all down into a tiny rock because they are uncomfortable with their own sensitivity. Likely, when they were growing up, they were unarmed against emotional and soul trauma or attack. Through years of abuse, or simply growing up around people who were insensitive or lacked understanding for their young Gemini, these children learned to avoid their hyper sensitivity because they found themselves being hurt constantly. As adults, Geminis are still very sensitive, especially inwardly. Towards other people, the sensitivity rarely comes out because it has been boxed up somewhere inside. That’s why Geminis get such a bad rap for being unemotional, cold, or fickle. Deep down they are nothing of the sort, but rarely do they successfully show it.

When the Gemini has truly accepted himself for all his perceived faults and quirks, he can be full of joie de vivre, energy, and love. Because they are so adaptable, they can take quick changes to plans or feelings and adjust almost immediately. Their aptitude for multi tasking can take shape socially in the form of being able to love and care for many different types of people and friends. When they are regulating their emotions positively, they are able to deal with their intense sensitivity by setting appropriate personal boundaries, and being intimate with loved ones. By giving themselves enough alone time and solo projects to work on, they feed their desire to be introverted, so that when they do reach out to people, they have a full tank of gas to work with. Their abundant energy and mental prowess leads them many places, always collecting new knowledge. The worst thing for these people is getting into a rut and stagnating. Constant change is a natural part of the universe, and no one knows this better than Gemini. However if, in a vain attempt at security and stability, they try to dam the current of change in their lives and go against the natural order in the world, this will also halt the natural flow and energy in themselves. If they can just let go (something that we are taught not to do in this society) they will be happier and more fulfilled than ever.
Ways to relieve inner tumult and tension:
• Take walks (or runs!) in the forest
• Busy your mind and your hands by fixing something or creating something.
• Don’t over think everything. Instead, stop your brain from running in circles over a confusing situation or subject, and move on to something else. This will keep you from exhausting yourself and allow your brain to do some subconscious work on its own. You’ll be amazed at the results of this.
• Have a movie night alone once a week.
• If you’re not comfortable with something …*anything*… say NO. People will respect you for having solid, unwavering boundaries, and your soul will thank you.
Xoxoxo…. The Wolf