#HoroscopeHacks – Sun, Moon, or Rising?

There are a few schools of thought surrounding which sign one should choose when reading your horoscope. Do you read the horoscope for you Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or all 3?

*Short answer – Do whatever the fudge you want. It’s astrology and it’s yours so you get to choose. However if you want my opinion, spoiler alert, it’s The Ascendant. …Keep reading for the important CAVEAT.

THE THEORY:  The objective here is to get the closest possible reading to your personal Natal Birth Chart.  When reading a natal chart, the first house starts on your Ascendant (Rising) sign and degree. (If you have Taurus rising at 27 degrees, that is where your first house would start, and this house would end at 26 degrees Gemini).  If you look at the transits through your own personal natal chart, you will get the most accurate horoscope predictions possible. This is why the Ascendant is usually the best choice.

THE ASCENDANT:  This is almost like using your own natal chart to get the transits accurate. The only CAVEAT is that if your Ascendant is more than half way through the sign is occupies, you may not get an accurate reading. As an example, if your ascendant is 27 degrees Taurus, your first house actually spans mostly Gemini. Therefore the transits wouldn’t be in the correct houses for your chart if you chose the sign of Taurus – you’d want to choose Gemini instead!

If your ascendant is within the mid – later degrees of its sign, it makes the most sense to use whatever sign takes up the most of your 1st House. In the example, I would read the horoscope for Gemini, so the transit planet placements in the houses would likely be closer to that of my own birth chart.

SUN SIGN: Usually horoscopes are for your sun sign. An astrologer normally uses the solar chart (a chart created by starting the 1st house in the sign your sun is in, as opposed to starting the 1st house on the ascendant). This operates on the theory that if you feel connected to your sun (who you are in the world; your ego) and the sign it falls under, then the transits going through the houses in the solar chart should still speak strongly to you. This simplifies the chart enough so that anyone can read their horoscope for their sun sign and it should be correct.

OTHER PLANETS N’ STUFF: This same chart calculation is used for the moon sign (lunar chart), but can be applied to any planet in the chart. For instance if you felt especially connected to your Mars placement, and wanted to know your horoscope concerning Mars related areas of life such as energy, direction, conflict, or sexuality, you could read your horoscope for that sign. Eg: If you had Mars in Aries, you could choose the Aries horoscope, and the astrologer would be calculating the transits by starting the 1st House at 0 degrees Aries. Even though this will produce a chart that is pretty far from your own natal chart, it gives you a different and valuable perspective. The chart is viewed from a different angle and can give good insights into different areas of your life.

HOPEFULLY THAT MADE SENSE. You made it to the end without me using diagrams. Congratulations.