Scorpio: SEXTALK

Let’s talk about Sex.

Scorpios are a wild breed. Independent to a fault, but sexed like a cat in heat, these people keep you at a distance but keep you wanting more.

When a Scorpio is attracted to someone on a primal level, the heat practically oozes from their pants. They keep it all nice and compressed inside, lest it prematurely leak out and ruin the whole event. The buildup is key to the Scorpio, for without it, the physical act is lost in a lackluster jumble of limbs. They can hold it back for weeks, purposefully waiting until the breaking point, at which time the flood gates are open and things happen in a blur of animalistic pleasure overload. I have even heard it described by one Scorpio that they literally get light headed and feel like passing out. Their sexuality and sensuality overloads their senses and lovemaking (or even just making out) takes on a dreamlike quality where time is suspended and reality dissolves into sparkles.

Scorpios also pride themselves on being ‘the best’ in bed. This of course is an illusion, for being the best is just like being perfect – truly unattainable – especially in the realm of love & sex. That doesn’t stop their egos from trying, though. Competitive to a fault, I once knew a Scorpio who practically made it a post-secondary education with how she set about to acquire sexual skills like a Victorian courtesan.

Like an artist, learn the craft and then find your style.


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