Scorpio: Contradictions Galore!

One Contradictory Muffin (or Bristling Militant meets Fetal Position Crier)

The ironic thing about the above example of Scorpio’s egomania is the profound sense of inferiority they feel the other 50% of the time.

The bigger the Ego, the weaker the Soul. The stronger the Soul, the weaker the Ego’s grasp.

One way in which the Scorpio puts on an infallible front is via their stony wall of Tougher than Thou. When threatened, the Scorpion, like the Cancer Crab, becomes visibly emotionless, icy, and aloof, surrounded by an impenetrable shell of armor. The Scorpio also has the ability to disassociate very easily, making them excellent in war but challenging in love. Their outer control is impressive and often kinda sexy, making them great Dominants in all areas of their lives. Guarded and cold in an argument, these folks make the BEST friends and the worst enemies. They have an uncanny ability to deliver cutting attacks to their opponents that disarm because it’s based on truth. This of course is a Scorpio in the middle of a fight-or-flight moment, survival of the fittest. Behind closed doors, alone, or around only those they have 100% trust in, these scorpions are actually all gooey and liquidy inside, just like the real animal! That’s why scorpions need an exoskeleton, to keep all their goo from oozing out. And so it is with their human astrological counterparts.

And of course this is where the crying comes in. If the Scorpio ever learns to let out their emotions (which is a lifelong task) they are very emotional, passionate, and empathic. This is in fact why they put up such a tough front – because their empathy has mainly gotten them into trouble up until now. Fearing the un-dodgable agony of any emotion other than elation or lust, the Scorpio shuns the painful emotions. They use either Avoidance (being emotionally unavailable) or a Coping Mechanism of choice to numb out the feels: Dickhead, alcoholic, or both!

When he or she is healthily in touch with all of her emotions, the geyser of tears over-floweth. They are the bearers of the heaviest of hearts and souls, and sometimes the only way to get things out is to violently cry into a pillow. Or punch someone. Or fantasize of homicide.


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