Pisces: How to Date Him

The Slippery Fish – How TO and NOT to net a Piscean

When embarking on a new relationship, Pisces may feel ready intellectually – they may go on dates and have fun meeting new people. However when they find someone they really connect with, it’s a whole other ballgame. This jolts the unwitting Pisces into an emotional realm that he thought he’d already past – a deeper connection triggers these emotional memories and blindsides him with anxiety and doubt. Perhaps he was not ready emotionally for a new relationship, and when he finds a partner he feels serious about, he is shocked by his own reaction. To the partner, it seems as though Pisces was all in – and then suddenly they pull back in horror. The partner of course blames themselves, and thinks ‘he’s just not that into you’. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but Pisces needs time and patience to coax out that timid fishy.

Because Pisces is a water sign, and a fish no less, he can be pretty slippery and hard to catch. The key, like with any animal, is to gain his trust through patience and time. Fish should not be cornered, tossed on land out of their comfort zone, or boiled on the stove through intimidation or demands. You cannot control the fish at first, you must let him swim to you. (You can DEFINITELY control a Pisces once you’ve got him, but that’s a story I will get to later…)

Things that will NOT work when courting a Piscean man:

-Calling or texting too frequently

-Any kind of desperation or neediness

-Controlling behavior such as demanding he be on time for things (he will do everything NOT to, trust me…), trying to get him to define the relationship, or attempts to limit his freedom (asking for too much information about where he goes and what he does).

-Aggressive behavior such as arguing, baiting, passive aggression, or manipulation (fairly obvious, I know, but… you never know!)

Things that WILL work when courting a Piscean:

-Showing your vulnerable side

-Inviting him to express his emotions – show safety by practicing non-judgment and active listening

-Expressing your emotional intelligence through knowing thyself

-Patience – Allowing the relationship to unfold slowly and naturally

-Being a great friend!


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