Pisces: Devoid of Emotion or Secretly Cuddly

The Sentimental Suck vs The Macho Man… Do we really buy it?

DISCLAIMER: There really are a growing number of men out there who are comfortable with their sensitivity. So for these, this next section may not jive. Times are changing! ūüôā

We’ve all known men who are sexy, dominant, forthright people with enough balls to call it like it is and ruffle a few feathers. Oh, but then there’s also the ones who try to do that… and well, that’s just not pretty.

So Pisces, do we think¬†you’re Macho? Let’s take a look…

Pisces is the sign of sensitivity, along with Cancer. In men, this often isn’t a happy place to be in, because:

1) society doesn’t condone men being emotional.

2) society hasn’t taught men how to deal with their emotions at all.

3) society pushes men to act assertive, dominant, and dickish.

For some men (Aries I’m looking at you), this stereotyping is more or less doable. These outward-directed (often fire-) signs have an easier time conforming to male societal norms.

My colleague K. Catherwood puts it perfectly:

“Fire signs are in a way just as emotional as the water signs, but they are short-lived emotions which they express immediately, and usually in a combative, aggressive and/or violent way which could be yelling, fighting, or even playing an aggressive sport. A lot of¬†men do filter their emotions through sports because that sort of emotional behavior IS condoned by society, and in fact is considered admirable. But the water signs type of emotion is directed inward, and consists of deeper, longer lasting emotions, and thus it dwells inside. They usually try to express their emotions through sporty things, but find it isn’t enough, and then that’s when they¬†get confused and act out.”

So¬†for the water signs, there is simply no road map to follow. They often turn their backs on their emotional sensitive nature (from being hurt so much in the past),¬†turn up their defenses, and “act” macho. **We see this with Libras, too, for the record. It’s never easy being a man ruled by Venus… it makes for a jumble of contradictions and compulsions in today’s society –¬†quite similar to the water signs’ plight.

But there’s something so obvious about a Beta male posturing as an Alpha. Pisces, there’s nothing wrong with being a Beta. And to some lovely partner of yours, you could still be an Alpha! But there’s no use trying to be something you’re not. We get it – you’re a man. We also get that you’re a super sensitive suck and it’s adorable.

There is something so beautiful about a man who lets his creative, sensual, sensitive nature flourish and come alive unabashedly. This is the wonderful potential in the Pisces man. Their minds are so quick, coming up with new ideas every minute. Whole projects are completed in their minds but few allow their creative impulses to be expressed. If unhealthily dammed, the Fish becomes a mudfish, and wallows around in his own ambivalence. If he has creative and emotional¬†outlets, Pisces’ multitude of ideas come to life in various forms of art, craft, and even construction! This is clich√©… but Jesus was a carpenter, and apparently he was a Pisces too. These men¬†love building whether it is literally with wood and nails, or figuratively¬†with communities and social work.

So do we buy Pisces’¬†persona of in-control cool guy? Probably not.¬†We think you’re cute for¬†being you. And even though you put on a lavish display of machismo,¬†¬†we still see you as a softie.

And that’s beautiful.


One thought on “Pisces: Devoid of Emotion or Secretly Cuddly

  1. Well I am a Pisces but I can do all those things smooth Charming creative yes and an alpha male badass there are alpha and aggressive males out there and there’s not‚Äč one that hasn’t had to take a step back and reestablish who’s the alpha male I’m always a leader I can take charge and get the best out of people without any aggression at all so I like to hear what you say about that there’s no acting if it gets done ever so smooth and I do it all the time so I’m just interested and curious to see what you think about that I am a Pisces alpha male but I say that with all humbleness I don’t have to be dominate unless they try to be dominant with me hey started I will finish it without any violence whatsoever I’m very curious and interested to see what you will say looking forward to your comments thank you


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