Pisces: 50 Shades Ain’t Got Nothin’

Please Mistress, I want some more….

Having control is not a Pisces strong suit. They hate it. They want to be safe, and they want to do their own thing. The thought of exercising willpower, emotional regulation, and decision-making make their eyes roll into oblivion. Nothing could be more boring. Pisces men love to have the façade of control as a defense mechanism, but underneath it all, they actually crave leadership. They want to finally let go and give in to their secret soul urges, their dark inner demands, and of course their addictions. But if they do, who will control their world while they’re gone?

Power exchange, whether in a romantic relationship, in Kink, or both, is something the Pisces man is drawn to. To be overpowered by someone they respect and idolize feeds their need for fantasy, idealism, loss of control, and interestingly, safety. Pisces is also happiest when in service – especially to a partner; It is fitting that their zodiac sign is that of the rescuer. They get a great deal of self-esteem from giving, helping, and impressing. They need only a little validation and they are satisfied. So for the heterosexual male, acquiring someone akin to a Mistress is the perfect marriage of Domination & Service.

The escape from reality that submission gives a Pisces man is like no other. The fish is allowed to be an animal once again, and his earthly needs are for a moment, forgotten. He hands his life over to his dominatrix woman (this could be a dominant partner, or a real dominatrix), and lets go both emotionally and sexually. The Pisces lover is (sometimes surprisingly) insatiable, especially if he opts for sexual connection over an emotional connection. Often it is easier getting one’s connection needs met through sex, as it does not require so much time, commitment, or emotional investment. Dramatic sexual affairs are the bread and butter of a Piscean love-life. And no where is this more striking than in a kinky liaison with a nameless Mistress. These men have extreme relationships on the down-low, and balance it out with stability in other mundane areas of their lives. If this is not the case, and they become obsessed with the altered state of submission, Pisces man could submerge himself more deeply in that lifestyle and abandon his mundane life altogether. And why not, it’s fun. 🙂

*Whip Crack!*


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