Cabanel, The Birth of Venus
Cabanel, The Birth of Venus

Venus in Furs

Alright, it’s the moment you were waiting for… Libra’s are damn sexy. Ruled by Venus, they know what it means to be feminine, receptive, seductive, and wanton. They possess a willing and accommodating demeanor that drives people crazy. They’re also the sign of relationships, and know how to stick by someone (lover or friend) with the utmost commitment. They are an air sign so they excel at communication, are very adaptive, and live to please. They will try anything once, trusting in their partner’s judgment. They tend to be rather private about matters between the sheets, so if you know a Libra that you just couldn’t imagine being a harlot… Think again! šŸ˜‰

Libras play “cute” till it’s dead. They are the proverbial little girl, and it is in relationships that they can release their inner child. Within the safety of the relationship, Libra can feel that deep (somewhat parental)Ā bond that she so misses from childhood. The merging between lovers gives her that sense of safety and allows her to let go and submit to her partner’s energy. And this is what the Libra loves most of all – finally being allowed to fully submit to being engulfed by another. It becomes a spiritual, primal , dissolving experience; EncompassingĀ the oneness of birth, life, and death… and ultimately, the oneness of us all.

This is the gift of Venus.


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