Libra: 0 Shades of Grey

The Delicate Balance

Another aspect we touched on earlier is Morality. The scales are a symbol for Justice. And a natural counterpart to Justice is of course Injustice. Ah, the dance between Good and Evil.

A real compulsion grips the Libra when concerning fairness. It is a naïve yet admirable quality to have – this perhaps childish notion that life and everything in it deserves to be fair and just. No matter how they start out in life, what trials they go through, the Libra always keeps in her heart the promise that things will work out fairly in the end, somehow. The heavens have decreed it. But get out of the room if you catch Libra in a situation that she deems unfair. Hissing, spitting, crying, pleading – all of it are within the realm of her reactions when the scales are tipped the wrong way. We all see Libras as this perennial flower, delicate and yielding to the elements, bending with the breezes. But you dump snow on that flower in May? Get out, get out now. Libra, being a smarty air sign fueled by creativity (Venus), can think up a lot of different ways to be cutting and critical, quick and judgmental, or cold and dismissive. They, after all, have the very Heavens on their side, gifting them with the shrewd ability to discern right from wrong.

Except when life can’t be pieced together in dichotomies or easily separated into opposites…

This balancing of the scales, this seeing in shades of colour rather than just black and white, will be Libra’s lifelong journey. Like Gemini, they operate in dualities. But where Gemini can impartially see both sides of the argument, understanding both extremes quite well, Libra takes sides, straps on her Angel wings and preaches her lofty anthems.

That being said, obviously there are some fantastically awesome traits that come from this way of seeing the world, too! Noble Libra will be the first (along with Aquarius) to stand up for a victim and make sure they know they were not at fault. Where some will feel awkward having those hard conversations like “No one deserves to be treated like that, what they did was wrong”, Libra courageously steps up to the plate. She is able to intimately connect with someone immediately in this way, gaining trust and helping to heal. She will always stand up for the wronged, and everyone needs that confident compassionate voice behind them when they feel like they are nothing. In fact, coming to the defense of others is one thing that Libra will do all on her own, not swayed by those around her. This is her special area of expertise and she does not need any help deciding for herself between right and wrong.

Tips for Balancing out The Scales

1. Take time alone to figure out your feelings, separate from the influence of those around you.

2. Draw strong boundaries with others in what you will, and wont do to make them happy.

3. Consider the motivations of someone you dislike. Keep digging deeper until you have reached a compassionate understanding that is no longer about “good” or “bad”.

4. Meditate on Paradoxes. This will frustrate you. (What is the sound of one hand clapping… if a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound…. Do these questions have more than one answer?) Look up some Zen Buddhist koans, they’re fun.

5. Say something that isn’t agreeable, once a week. 🙂


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