Lion's Roar
Lion’s Roar

Chest Up / Ass Out

…That pretty much describes all Leos in a nutshell, whether male or female. Leos love being noticed, even if they feign humility when the compliments start rolling in. They exist in a constant state of posturing performance, always assuming people are noticing them, watching them, possibly judging them, or generally thinking that they’re hot stuff. And the fascinating thing is, they ARE hot stuff, regardless of any gifts of beauty or intellect.

They are a prime example of the concept: ‘What You Believe, Becomes Your Reality’. 

Leo unfalteringly believes that he or she is awesome, and so all onlookers follow suit. I remember when I was younger and I frustratingly saw this happen time and again. Leos would prance around proclaiming their greatness to the world. Surely people won’t believe this drivel, I thought. Surely people will see through their airs. BUT NAY. These lions attracted so many followers it made me insane with righteous envy! And you know what, much to my own chagrin, I loved being around them, too. They make you want to believe in them, want to follow them; See, Humanity has this pesky little need to create idols – we need something or someone to put our faith and trust in, someone we see as larger than ourselves, an archetype made flesh.

Need I mention – MADONNA

Oh no she di-innn't
Oh no she di-innn’t

And the Leo will gladly oblige the human race with their presence. These are the types of people who are leaders in what they do (and if they’re not, they’re insufferably grouchy). They have this deep-seated, confident, nonchalance about them that immediately engenders trust and adoration. Where some might wither at the thought of making hard decisions or standing up for their own or other’s rights, the Leo swoops in for the challenge (for it isn’t really a challenge to them at all) and roars her mighty bellow. Magnetic, entertaining, and bold, the Lion paints a colourful picture of themselves for the public to gaze at in awe.

Leo is the scapegoat of the Zodiac for humanity’s need for celebrity

Don’t kid yourself – if you see a leo bashfully accepting a compliment or if you are a Leo and you just *hate* being noticed because somehow you’re an introvert or something… no. Just no. Whether you like it or pretend not to, getting attention feeds your Lion heart and if channeled properly, can be a source of the love you give back to people.


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