Snuggly Bunny That May Accidentally-Intentionally Bite You

*Cute, innocent giggle slowly erupting into…* CHOMP!

Outspoken non-give-a-damn-er Leo: JLaw!
Outspoken non-give-a-damn-er Leo: JLaw!

Another surprise about Leo is their ability to camouflage themselves into a sweet, more innocent creature. Like a lion laying in wait in the long grasses, Leo  chameleons into a cute inconspicuous fuzzy bunny when luring her prey. This natural behavior may seem to go against the mighty and oblique Leo, but she knows when to use these tactics. Gregarious and fun, cute and sassy, the Leo primes her lover to let down his guard, and then…. POUNCE! Suddenly Leo turns into a clawing biting Sexcat.

Leo keeps most of his sexual power dormant and leashed so as not to overwhelm the village-folk. He sometimes worries it would be too much for most people to handle, and so keeps it reined in until the right time. Leos prize respect and loyalty, and they are definitely not one to push anything on anyone who does not want it. Leos come across as socially dominating, but they are always careful with consent. They hold themselves to a high standard of ethics, and cannot bear to let themselves down in this regard.

The sexual energy of the Leo is fiery and bold, matched only by perhaps an Aries or Scorpio. Ruled by the sun, Leo burns white hot and engulfs his lover in a tidal wave of powerful lust. They tend to be quite physical if not athletic, finding many different positions that are novel and fun.Their exhibitionism can lead them to public sexytimes, and they certainly wouldn’t mind making a video or two. In a lover they need someone inventive and energetic, who they see as hot & sexy. They do after all need to have someone to look at in the mirror above the bed, in the brief moments they aren’t watching themselves! …Yes, Leos get off on watching themselves in the mirror. I kid you not. But do we care while we’re getting some quality Leo action? Nnnnope!

Mane-tossingly-awesome Leo: JLo!
Mane-tossingly-awesome Leo: JLo!

In a more romantic relationship, Leo needs to feel like the Big Boss Snuggle Bunny. Dominant to a fault, she gets much of her self esteem from guiding those under her, and providing a safe haven under her wing. Affectionate and incredibly cuddly, Leos secretly defy their tough exterior in intimate moments. They will love the crap out of you if you let them – holding you close, stroking your hair, and creating a warm nest in the sheets whenever you ask.

Small but obvious point on Leo anger: Leos are fiery as hell and will freak out on your ass. They are usually very pragmatic, until they get hurt. Then you may want to run for the hills unless you’re the fighting kind. But like all fire signs, the eruption of rage is only momentary, and Leos are quick to forgive and forget provided the matter is talked out in a practical and honest way. Honesty will go a LONG way with a lion.


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