Leo: Feed the Fire or Burn Out

Oops! I’m Self-Involved

Well, to be fair, Leos have a perfectly healthy form of self love called Being Able to Say No. Perhaps surprisingly, Leos are good at self-regulating! They may seem like they’re burning the candle at both ends, or just plain burning out, but ultimately when it’s time to stop (often when there’s no other choice, mind you…), they do! They are very true to themselves, but sometimes at the detriment of others. It’s not selfish in the biblical sense (sure, that’s a thing), but other astro-signs will interpret it thusly. A Virgo would NEVER allow time for herself if it involved letting someone down or cancelling plans or missing out on meticulously planning an acquaintance’s surprise birthday party… but a Leo? If they’re in burn-out mode, you can bet that any phone call from them after you’ve already established plans, is a cancellation. They mean well, they really do, and their loyalty and love for others will make them feel heart-swellingly guilty for missing out on plans. And either they internalize this guilt, thus creating an unconscious pattern of letting people down, or they externalize it by apologizing profusely and making grand exclamations of love and loyalty. Just pat Leo on the head, wait for the purr, and realize it’s simply in their nature… you might as well forgive!

Leos: Letting go of the guilt of thinking you’ve let someone down is the key to maintaining your high level of loyalty. Forgive yourself, know that you’re not superman (or woman), and let go of the bad feelings. We already have!

High-Energy to Burn-Out and Back Again. Repeat ad nauseam.

Like any successful cat-predator, there is a primal blueprint to the Leo’s energy flow: Conserve energy and be as lazy as possible, CHASE GAZELLE AT FULL POWER, recharge. Most of the time when humans are actually witnessing a Leo in the wild, the creature will be at full-speed energy mode. Now, there are gradations to how this manifests in each individual Leo.

1. High Energy: The wired, frazzled, non-stop chatterbox you want to either party with or punch.

2. Moderate: The theatrical & funny, always “on” actor who steals the limelight.

3. Low: These types ebb and flow between a more low-key twinkly-eyed manner, the high energy bubbling under the surface. These Leos will have spurts of their full-power energy in the form of unexpected jokes, demonstrations, or blurting-outs.

For the first two, the lion will need to rest and recuperate after expending this kind of energy. They will need a bit of time alone, away from their pride, to replenish their stores. The 3rd type is constantly in a state of Storage-and-Expenditure, but even these types will need their time alone. Even at ‘low’ Leo energy, their energy is still quite high compared to the rest of us mere mortals.

Leos love gifting the world with their sunny entertaining selves, and their healthy self-love attracts others who believe in their spin. However, a less frenetic zodiac sign like Capricorn or Pisces might get irritated or impatient with these extroverts. Luckily, Leo has the uncanny ability of just saying “MEHHHHH” to anyone or anything that doesn’t go with their flow. On the flip side, Leo might find some people opposing them entirely, which just doesn’t compute. Often, other signs who like attention but don’t know how to go about getting it with the same flair, will get jealous (Scorpio and Aquarius I’m looking at you). But Leo has love and energy to give, and so can encourage these signs to let out their inner Leo Diva. Everybody wins, and a barrel of laughs and monkeys will ensue.

Channel the Fire

Leo needs a focus to their abundant energy or they risk burning themselves with it. They are big creatives and need an outlet for their gifts. While some signs can internalize this energy and keep it private, Leo needs to have an external, physical presence in the world where they can actually see their talent and hard work paying off. If they do not have purpose or intention, the lion can become listless and sullen, not knowing which direction to point their massive potential. Keep your eye on the prize and find something to get excited about! Positivity and good humour are Leo’s best and most natural friends.

Keep that Head Up and Ass Out, you sexy Lion, you!


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