– Real Comic Strips Coming Soon! –

1. Aries:

“Leetttt’s f*ckin’ doooo thhiiissss!!!

…OWE my head! Hey! You wanna go, man!?”

-(Said to the low-hanging ceiling corner)

2. Taurus:

“I’m just gonna sit here until the problem goes away. I’m prettttty sure it willlll….”

3. Gemini:

“Ohmygod I have SO many ideas to tell you I’m just exploding! In fact today I blew MY OWN mind!”

Other: “Oh, cool, let’s hear some of them,”

Gemini: “Ooo, shiny! *Skips away*

4. Cancer:

“I hate women! I love women! I hate women! I want ALL women! …*Bursts into tears*

5.  Leo:

“Yeeaaaah, you’re probably gonna wanna watch as I display my AWESOME to everyone in the room.

*Does full-out dance routine ending in jazz-hands*

No big deal. I know everyone’s watching, but I’m used to that.” *shrugs*

6. Virgo:

“I can make an argument for just about anything, and you KNOW I’m right. In fact, I know a bit more about EVERYTHING than you. Now, when does all the sex happen?”

7. Libra:

“Why did that bus driver look at me weird? I was nothing but nice to him. It must be something to do with me as a person. Everyone’s behavior is always related to something about me! But I’m so good and moral and perfect… surely that should force everyone to like me…!” *Flies away on her pink fluffy angel wings singing hymns to Aphrodite*

8. Scorpio:


…What are you looking at!?” *Hisssssssss!*”(like a Vampire to the sun)

9. Sagittarius:

“Sorry I didn’t hear what you said… shall I assume we were talking about me?”

Other: “It’s a good thing you’re pretty…” *POUNCE*

10. Capricorn:

“Astrology is bullshit.”

11. Aquarius:

“So you see from my precise calculations that We are all One, and God is Love. Any questions?”

12. Pisces:

“I’m pre-tty sure I’m invisible to all you “normals” out there (sweeps hair back out of eyes in a morose but perfectly executed way), so what happens if I do….





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